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S1 E4 Wendy Doniger on Hinduism

Dr. Wendy Doniger’s On Hinduism is a sort of captstone on an epic career exploring Hindu literature, religion, and history. In...

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S1 E3 Amy-Jill Levine on The Jewish Annotated New Testament

Typically religious scholars will comment on the scriptures of their own religion. But sometimes, bold scholars will go where others fear...

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S1 E2: Richard Weikart on Hitler’s Religion

The ghost of Hitler has been drafted into the culture wars – for the other team. Christian leaders have suggested that...

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S1 E1: David McMahon on Buddhist Modernism

Before recent times, most Buddhists, and even most Buddhist monks, did not meditate. Yet today, many consider sitting meditation to be...

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S1 E5 – Andrei Buckareff on Alternative Concepts of God

Dr. Andrei Buckareff and some of his co-authors are convinced that in recent times philosophers of religion have been too traditional,...

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Did you know that we’re living in the Golden Age of scholarship about religions?

Whether you embrace a religion yourself, try to embrace them all, or hold them all at arm’s length, Thinking About Religion will illuminate your thoughts on this fascinating subject.

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